Break the wall and release the smiley !
The Wall is a puzzle game which is similar to sudoku but which is not one ! The goal is to reform the 6 color sets to destroy the wall and free up the smiley ! The Wall is a free game, in english, accessible to all ages and it includes :

★ Unlimited number of puzzle grid ★
For hours and hours of fun, all for free.

★ Discover 3 game modes ★
Single, Team and Challenge : to release Smileys, alone, in team or against friends !

★ 3 types of Boosters to use ★
Mix Up, Override and Backspace : to help you progress through the various levels of the puzzle !

★ Release 50 Smileys ★
Each Smiley have his own story to discover. You win gold coins when a Smiley is released !